Sunday, 18 May 2014

Back to the 90s and Me Made May

Hi Everyone!

It's been an extremely busy week this week with work and family stuff. Needless to say my sewing and blogging has suffered somewhat. 

However, I haven't been idle. Since blogging about my new Dr Martens have been thinking about what I could make to wear with them. 

I had a pair of black DMs back in the 90s that I loved and wore every day for college. This was a great time for me with loads of happy memories. 

So I started to explore the 90s look!

Ok, so not every look in the 90s was a good one!!

But one look I am intrigued by is grunge. 

It's not a look I sported back in the day, I was more of a goth girl believe it or not!!

I love the idea of cute, feminine baby doll and mini dresses with over the knee socks and masculine boots. 

So, after extensive pattern shopping, I have purchased Dixie DIY's Ballet Dress pattern. I'm dying to get stuck in and produce my first stretch knit dress. Watch this space. 

I have also been keeping to my Me Made May pledge and this week I wore my 'Wind in the Willows' brown moleskin skirt. 

This is another make from before I started blogging. I had bought the moleskin fabric to make a dress for a wedding but it went horribly wrong. I managed to salvage some of the fabric and make this plain a-line skirt. It's got a bit of stretch so it's very comfy. 

Well, that's been my week. Is love to hear about your 90s fashion experiences. Does the 90s count as vintage? How old does something have to be to be considered vintage? 

See you soon. 

Love, Eliza Brown x


  1. I bought my first pair of Doc's in Covent Garden during my first trip to London when I was 16....I wore them with everything! That ballet dress should be perfect!

  2. I suppose there is a twenty year cycle with fashion, so the 90's ought to count as vintage. I've been noticing the young people where I live wearing black tights/denim cut-off shorts again, which feels very 90's.

    The dress/boot combination counts as a classic (though you may want to skip the running mascara, and tiara bit which only ever worked for Courtney Love).