Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Musings on Me Made May...

Hi there!

I can't believe it's June already! But the good thing is the sun has been shining, giving me the opportunity to wear some of my summer makes. 

Mr B and I decided to have a couple of days in York last week however the weather was terrible, it tipped down the entire time (hence the hotel room photos). We did still have a fun time though and I picked up a couple of vintage patterns from Oxfam too!!

So last week was mostly sponsored by the Dixie DIY Ballet Dress. On Tuesday I wore the first Ballet dress I made. It's super comfy...

Apologies for the dreadful posture in some of these photos!

On Wednesday I wore my second Ballet dress...

And, as pledged, I made something I'd never attempted before to wear on the final day of May...TROUSERS!!!

Just look at those beauties!! Those legs are sooo wide! They are riddled with mistakes but I still love them. I used New Look 6896 which I thought had the perfect 1930s wide-legged styling I wanted to try. 

I was a big nervous of making anything too fitted in case I botched it so I thought this would be perfect for my first attempt at trousers. 

The material is a very lightweight wool given to me by a friend. I wasn't too keen on the colour so it thought it would make a great wearable muslin...and it did. 

Unfortunately, other than the waistband, I had already put the these together before I realised they were far too big! So, I had to take them in at the side seams which made the pockets very narrow. 

Now that I have tried trousers I think I'll be making many more. They were surprisingly easy. 

This leads me nicely to what I have learned throughout Me Made May...

I'm now much more confident in wearing my me-mades. 

I definitely need to introduce more colour. A lot of my makes are in dark colours. 

I need more wardrobe staples (hence all the ballet dresses!!) vintage style girndl dresses are lovely but not always practical. I need to strike more of a balance between style and function I think! 

I desperately need more workwear. My work wardrobe is very limited and I'd like to experiment with different styles. Maybe a few practical day dresses and pencil skirts?

I loved taking part in Me Made May and will definitely be taking part next year with a more challenging pledge!

But for now I will sign off. Enjoy your day whatever you decide to make or do!

Love, Eliza Brown x


  1. very nice ballet dresses (knit dress and trousers are on my 'to sew' list too)

    1. Thank you �� I can't recommend knit dresses enough, so comfy! I always used to avoid them because I thought they were a bit clingy for my curves but I'm a convert!

  2. How fab you got more out of MMMAY; I totally agree on focusing on staple wearables it is so easy to get swept along by all the beautiful Retro/Vintage/wacky print dresses that are around. Yet to try trousers but wont be long- fabric washed and pattern poised just under the pile of other to do's!!! the joys - well done again x

    1. Can't wait to see your trousers project. I'm super pleased with my first try but I think I'll make something a little more fitted next time lol!!

  3. The trousers are gorgeous. The swooping wide legs must be great fun to wear. A great pair in plaid with a polo neck for winter could do a 60's look as well.

    The dresses are beautiful as well (don't want to neglect mentioning them) but those trousers really blew me away.

    1. Oooh I like your thinking!! Plaid would be fab! They are amazingly comfortable to wear, especially for lounging in the garden. Lots of room to expand after eating too much barbeque food...and no wedgies lol! Thanks for your kind comments :-)