Saturday, 10 May 2014

Paint it black...

Hi there!

I exceeded my Me Made May pledge this week by wearing TWO handmade items!!

That's not a lot of handmade items I know, but I'm still trying to build up my handmade wardrobe. 

I had a clear out of all the handmade and ready to wear items I no longer wear or I wasn't happy with. Hopefully they will raise a few pennies for charity. 

What I hadn't realised until I started putting this post together is how much black clothing I own/make. 

On Monday I was wearing my 'Day of the Dead' skirt. 

Aren't those skellingtons fantastic???

It was a fairly warm Bank Holiday but near the coast there was still a chilly breeze. So I teamed the skirt with a cute Voodoo Vixen cardigan. 

I haven't blogged about this skirt before as it was something I made last summer; just as I was getting into my sewing. 

It's a simple gathered skirt with an elasticated waistband. I added pockets from the Simplicity 2444 pattern that I got free with a copy of Sew Magazine. 

My second me made outfit I wore today. It was my Sew Dolly Clackett entry, the Button Dress. 

This dress is sooo comfy!! 

I wore it with a shrug/cardigan that I bought from New Look a few years ago now. I loved the faux Victorian look of it. It originally had some nasty cream flowers on it...they had to go!

Well that has been my week. What have you all been up to? 

Love, Eliza Brown x


  1. Lovin the Skirt, real fun-when you got lots of pattern & colour on a black background I don't class it a s a black item! keep up the wears on MMMAY your'e doing great

  2. Thanks Amanda, it has certainly boosted my confidence in wearing my me-mades more often ��

  3. LOVE your me-mades! Funnily enough I just finished ironing a shirt I made for my husband that features some of that Day of the Dead fabric. x

    1. Thanks Zoe! Isn't it a fabulous print?? It's so fun. I'm loving Me Made May. I'm learning loads about what I make and what I actually wear :-)