Saturday, 5 July 2014

When Flora met Matilda

Hi there everyone, 

So with all the best intentions of making loads of wardrobe staples and workwear after Me Made May...I went and made a  Flora dress!!

What can I say, I was seduced by the lovely wrap bodice variation and the great pictures on the By Hand London website. I couldn't resist. 

Now, for a pattern that indicates that this is an easy sew (only one of the four little sewing machines on the front of the packet is shaded) this was AMAZINGLY difficult!

I had read a few reviews of this pattern that said there were some fitting issues. However, given that every body is different I decided to go ahead and give it a go. 

I know that I always need to do a full bust adjustment and usually need to remove excess from the armholes on dresses made from woven fabrics. So I was prepared to make one or two muslins...I lost count after FIVE!

The dart placement was my main issue. Unless your boobs sit directly under your armpits, then this pattern is going to need some tweeking. 

However, the week's worth of work was definitely worth it. I also found the Flora sewalong really helpful; especially with techniques I hadn't tried before like stabilising the neckline with twill tape. 

And here is the finished product...

The fabric was purchased for me by Mr B. I had been coveting this lovely Matilda fabric for weeks and one day it just appeared in my sewing room!

Who didn't just love Roald Dahl stories as a kid? 

The illustrations are by Quentin Blake and will be familiar to Dahl fans. 

You can purchase this fabric from lots of places on the internet but this was bought from Dunelm Mill. Oh yeah, this is an upholstery fabric...but who cares??

I wore this for a night out on Hartlepool Marina with Mr B and I got loads of compliments! I think the fabric caught people's eye. 

I teamed the dress with a sequinned scarf given to me by my mother-in-law and the shoes were from Dorothy Perkjns about two years ago. 

Cheers everyone!!

Love  Eliza Brown x


  1. How precious!! I would never have guessed it was upholstery fabric -- you are right, who cares!? because it turned out marvelous.

    1. Thanks Annie, that's very kind of you. I've got no problems using any fabric, upholstery, quilting cotton, don't care as long as it's got a pretty pattern lol!

  2. OMG babe, this is just adorable- the fabric is perfect; I salute you for perseverance on the muslins! don't think I would/could have that much patience- however payback means you have definitely won on this one. :)

    1. Thank you :-) There was some definite foot stamping and choice language lol.

  3. FIVE muslins? You should get some sort of "sticking-with-it" award. The end result is beautiful though, and I love the fabric.

    These days my bust rests around my waist, so here's hoping the Edwardian flat-front look comes back-soon!

    1. Thank you, it was a labour of love. I love your style and I'm pretty sure u would look fab in anything, including an Edwardian flat front :-)